Monday, May 14, 2012

Life Cycle of Bees

Life Cycle of Bees

This is the life cycle page. A bee is like a butterfly because it goes though several stages in its life. Keep reading to find out about a bee's life.


A queen lays soft white eggs in the comb. The egg stage takes place during days 1 through 3.


In three days, the egg hatches into a larva. Workers feed it bee milk and bee bread. It spins a cocoon around itself. The larva stage takes place during days 4 through 9.


In the cocoon, the larva turns into a pupa. It now has eyes, wings, and legs. It looks more like a bee. This stage is during days 10 through 23, depending on the type of bee it will become.


This is the final stage in a bee's complete metamorphosis. It is full grown. The bee chews its way out of the cell. It becomes an adult on days 16 through 24, depending on what type of bee it is.

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